Sarah & Lance {Sacramento Couples Photographer}

So a few weekends ago I woke up with my 9 month old like any other morning, started to warm her oatmeal in the microwave and hear a BZZZZZT! Of course it scared me half to death and baby too, but the thing died on me. I thought “Great, I see how this day is going to go for me!” I just knew it was the start to one of those days where nothing can go right. Well, I was so wrong. As I am in the checkout line buying a new microwave, I see a post on Facebook from one of my favorite photographers, Winnie Bruce Photography, offering any local photographers to come and shoot with her! Ummm, of course I am dropping everything and coming!

I rushed home to get my gear ready, and make the hour drive, to find that not only am I shooting alongside some of my favorite photographers, but I get to capture this lovely couples pure love! The entire session I couldn’t stop thinking how natural in front of the camera they were! Going back through this session just reinforced my feelings that day and really brought a smile to my face. The natural smiles, contagious laughs, and sweet glances to each other really revealed something beautiful and I am so thankful that I was able to help document these memories! _MG_4370







Wonder whats so funny? Right at the end of the shoot Sarah was laughing so hard at us because we were all scrunched together trying to get this shot of them. We gave her the trusty iPhone and asked to see what she sees. Here was the result 🙂





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