Meet Jonelle


I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA in the same house all my life. I’m a proud mommy, and a step mommy to two beautiful little girls; two beaming lights in my life that I cant imagine living without.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved to be creative. You would probably find me watching Bob Ross or Bob Vila before Sesame Street as a child. As soon as I could pick up a pencil I was drawing, building, and as I got older crocheting, and scrapbooking. I am a true kid at heart, so finding me being silly, playing games and singing in my car is not uncommon. Going on adventures with my husband is something I cherish; he doesnt mind my randon request to stop and snap a photo or having to take me off the beaten path to get the perfect sunset.

Of course photography is another one of my greatest passions. There is something so rewarding about capturing precious moments that are too easily forgotten without a camera. I’m a sucker for textures, patterns and bright colors and see beauty in old walls and rusty things. Im not afraid to try new ideas or experiment, so dont be afraid to ask.

Photography is my form of expression, my way of showing people how I see the world. Pictures help us relive our memories; the teary eyed look of the groom as he sees his bride walk down the aisle, the look of unconditional love a mother gives her newborn as she holds him in her arms, the excited look on a child’s face during their birthday. Each moment tells a story.

I believe beauty can be found almost anywhere and images should convey the subject’s heart and soul. I want to capture the moment, the essence and wonder that is everyday life…whether it is in a smile, a kiss, a hug, laughter or a simple glance. I strive to document these precious times on film, so that they can be cherished for a lifetime.

Photo by Winnie Bruce Photography